Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A journey into my world

In order to provide you with the best analysis available, I am going to hit you with a series of articles written on some older issues.  I want people to get a sense of what I am about before I start attacking the newer stuff.  So, I am officially declaring April old news month.  I will still try to get you the new stuff, but you will see rants on older topics starting April 1st.   Here is a list of some of the topics:

How banks duped the rest of the financial services industry

Government financials and why you should care

National Security - why we focus on the wrong things

Courts - do they have too much power?

What can history tell us about our current situations?

Celebrity:  Where they go wrong and what they are doing right

Westboro Baptist Church - The court decision in early March

Health Care - The debate, and what I think

I hope you all are as excited as I am to see these topics discussed.  I hope to continue to provide the highest quality content out there.  Please continue to read.  There is much more to come...